You always thought your aunt was living an ordinary life, today you will learn the truth.  In grave danger, she is appealing to you, her favorite relative, to enter her condo, retrieve some personal belongings, and arrange to have them sent to her.  Hot on your tracks, you only have sixty minutes to get the information you need and to get out of her condo before they get to you.  Lives are depending on it.

 Difficulty: 7/10

 Number of players: 2-8


Your parents have gone out for dinner and left your uncle to babysit you. You love when your uncle babysits because he’s fun and good at making awesome puzzles and booby traps!

Your little sister has always needed her toy monkey to fall asleep. To play a trick on you, your uncle hid Monkey somewhere in your play room.  Now your bed time has passed, and if your parents find you awake when they come home, you’ll be in big trouble.  Your parents should arrive home in 45 minutes. That’s how much time you have to find Monkey and get to bed!

Recommended for ages 7-12
Difficulty: 5/10
Number of players: 6

Blaine Everbleed is a suspected serial killer that was captured by the FBI.  Without enough evidence to convict him, the FBI’s lead investigator is getting desperate and has hired you and your team of Mediums.  You have sixty minutes in Blaine Everbleed’s basement to decipher what happened and gather incriminating evidence against the sick serial killer. Do you dare enter Blaine's Basement?

*This game may be frightening for children as it contains loud noises and moments of darkness.  Please also note that you must be able to walk up and down stairs to get into Blaine's Basement.  

Difficulty:  8/10

Number of players: 4-8

​​​As the elder sibling born into a Royal family,  it was your birthright to inherit the throne upon the King’s death, but an evil secret plan executed by your younger brother has left you exiled from the kingdom.  The corrupt castle guards were given strict orders to kill you if you ever returned to the castle.  With your knowledge of the secret passages in the castle, you’ve made it into the King’s Study undetected. In the next sixty minutes, you need to find proof of your birthright and escape before the castle guards return.

Difficulty: 8/10

Number of players: 2-8