Are any special skills required to escape the rooms?

Although designed to be challenging, no special skills are required.  Just be ready to work as a team and have some fun!

Are tickets refundable?

No. All sales are final. Please be aware that our rooms are live action events, so once your booking is confirmed, refunds are not accepted. 

I booked a room, can I reschedule my reservation?

If you need to reschedule in the event of an emergency, please give us a call. We will do our best to accommodate you.  Minimum 48 hours notice required.

You can change or cancel your reservations up to 48 hours before your reservation directly from the link button that says "View Booking" in your confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email, you may have entered your email incorrectly so email us with your date and time and we will fix it. There are no changes or cancellations within 24 hours.  No refunds will be given, but you can certainly re-schedule. 

Will my group be the only ones in the room?

It is possible, however not guaranteed. We will attempt to fill each room to capacity by placing separate groups of people together.  If you would like your group to exclusively have a room, you either must have enough people in your group to fill the room to capacity or you may purchase the maximum capacity of the tickets available for the room.  We may offer private room options as well.

Are there minimum age requirements?

We recommend a minimum age of 13 years old.  Guests under the age of 15 must have an adult participate in the room with them.  Also, if you need to bring any children under the age of 13, you must book a private room for your group.  

What if I need to leave the room in the case of an emergency or to use the restroom?

While you are in a room, you are monitored by Escape Games AZ staff at all times.  In case of an emergency, you will be promptly let out of the room.   If you exit the room during your session, we will not stop the clock.  We ask that players use the restroom before the game begins to avoid having to interrupt the game.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $28 per person, plus tax. Your booking will be accepted and you will be prompted to pay for it once a minimum of 2 people have registered for the same booking. All booking is done on-line through our website. 

​Are we really locked in a room?

Yes, but don't worry… each game is monitored on closed circuit video with audio to communicate with the Game Master at any time.  If you need to leave for any reason, just let your game master know.  However, please use the restroom before the game to minimize disruption.  

Do I need a reservation to enjoy the Escape Room experience?

Yes, a reservation is necessary, but thankfully you can book online easily! Just click any of the 'Book Now' buttons.  All rooms must be booked a minimum of 2 hours in advance.

How long does each game last?

About 90 minutes total. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your start time.  When you arrive we will quickly brief you on your game. Then the fun begins! You will be taken to the room and will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and get out.  We always  leave some time afterwards for silly photos. 

Do I need any prior puzzle solving experience?

No. Although designed to be challenging, no special skills are required.  Just be willing to search for hidden clues and related items…and to use your brain! If you are really struggling, you may reach out to the Game Master to offer you a clue and get you moving in the right direction. 

What should I bring?

You only need to bring your best wits and puzzle-solving ability. All items needed for solving the puzzles will be included in the room. Wear anything you are comfortable in, but the most activity you will be engaging in may be squatting down or getting on your knees to look under or to get a closer look at something. If you wear reading glasses, it might be advisable to bring them.

What if we don't escape in time?

It’s a challenging game and many get close but do not get out in time. At the end of 60 minutes, the game master will unlock the room. You can ask questions. We ask that you do not reveal the answers to others that have not participated. Once your time is up, your game master can walk your team through the rest of the clues and puzzles, upon request.

​Do you have any Tips/Advice for doing your Escape Rooms?

The surest way to escape is by communicating openly with everyone else in the room. Share clues you’ve uncovered. Work together to make connections. If you discover new information, be sure everyone in the room knows about it.

Follow the rules. Our staff will review the rules of the game with you before you begin, which include:

There is no need to lift or move heavy objects.
There is no need to climb on anything… there are no clues above normal reach.
Never use force to try to open locked items.
Cell phones and other electronic devices must remain off and cannot be used inside the room.
There are no clues hidden in any electrical outlets, lamps, plugs or cords or in the windows.
Do not guess combinations!! Combinations have meanings from the game that need to be figured out.
Keep the games a mystery! Please do not reveal clues or answers to others.

Most importantly -  have FUN! :)

PLEASE NOTE: If members of your group appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will not be allowed in the room. This decision will be made at the discretion of our staff and no refunds or exchanges will be permitted. We take this very seriously as it could cause damage to the room, to yourself or others, and adversely affect others enjoyment of the experience.